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History of the Edgecomb, Bassitt, and Snyder Families of Allen County, Ohio 

by Steven J. Bassett Baskauf, 2007


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Abridged pdf version (file size 6.7 MB, Adobe Reader required, high-speed connection recommended). 

The first part of this history describes the relationships among three early pioneer families of Bath Twp., Allen Co., OH, USA. Their origins in Trumbull Co., OH, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are discussed. Many descendants of the families are outlined in the second part of the book. However, to protect the privacy of individuals listed in the book, this online version contains only the parts of the book that do not deal with living descendants.   The book is available online at (

The portion of the book included here is freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License provided you give the citation at the top of this page.  On the web, a link to this page would be helpful.
Creative Commons License

Section revisions:

Revised abridged section on Phineas Edgecomb (to include information on Luther Edgecomb) - 6 Dec 2007 (110 kB) Full section available on request.

New abridged section on Marilla (Edgecomb) and Josiah DeLong - 6 Oct 2007 (83 kB).  Full section available on request.

Revised section on Robert Edgecomb to include new information about his later life - 6 Dec 2007 (118 kB)

Revised section on Peter, Clarinda, and Ellen Snyder (to include 2 versions of the rattlesnake story) - 22 Nov 2007 (372 kB)

Revised section on Jasper Snyder (to include Calvin Snyder remembrances) - 21 Nov 2007 (884 kB)

Revised abridged section on Newton Snyder (to include pictures) 6 Oct 2007 (156 kB).  Full section available on request. 

Revised abridged section on Clay Snyder (to include his accident on an oil derrick).  22 Nov 2007 (220 kB) Abridged

Revised abridged section on Amy (Snyder) Mason (to include more images and stories of Amy Mason Everett)  4 Dec 2007 (420 kB).  Full section available on request.

Number of descendants in the full (printed) version:
Uriah and Betsy Edgecomb (this includes all Bassetts and children from Peter Snyder's first marriage) - 2264
Phineas Edgecomb - 128
Lavisa Bassett Ward - 120
Peter Snyder and Ellen Baker Kollar - 12
TOTAL: 2524