Species Information


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The goal of the group is to discuss and find shared understanding on how to represent “Species information” for electronic dissemination, exchange and integration. By “Species Information” we refer to all kinds of properties or traits related to taxa, including those related to descriptions, legal, conservation, management, demographics, nomenclatural, related resources, etc. In this regard this group interest’s goes beyond descriptions. Having this focus, this interest group will touch upon and interact with other TDWG’s groups such as the Biological Descriptions IG or the Imaging IG. Sharing species information is not only about exchanging information among peers; how to present “science-grade” to a non-specialize public in an effective way is a concern of the founding members of this group and also an area for discussion here.

This group, open to all interested parties, originates from mainly from two current initiatives “Encyclopedia of Life” and “Plinian Core Group”.

Becoming involved

There are numerous projects around the world that aims to respond to the demand for “species information”. Many of the elements sought and produced within these initiatives could be effectively re-used if there were a common language and a framework. This interest group is established to advance these common components.

All interested parties are encouraged to become involved with the interest group or specific task groups. Membership of this group is open. If you work with species, involved in creation or editing of digital flora or faunas, species pages — whether these are generalized or specialized (legal, conservation, management, etc.), mash-ups around species — and you would like to share your data with others, TSI may need your contribution.

Please contact the convener or any core member about how to become involved.

The TDWG process requires that new Task Groups be launched through an Interest Group. The Species Information group can facilitate establishment of new Task Groups that relate to Species Information standards. Please contact the convenor to discuss potential projects or join existing Task Groups.


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