Public review of Chronometric Age Extension to Darwin Core

The Chronometric Age Task Group is pleased to invite everyone with an interest in chronometric age data to participate in the review of a proposal for a vocabulary enhancement to Darwin Core based on chronometric ages and their determination. The new vocabulary marks the culmination of development and testing inaugurated in 2017, involving several groups with active interest in sharing data of this nature, including communities new to biodiversity standards, but with a great deal to offer - zooarchaeology and archaeology.

The Task Group welcomes your feedback during a minimum 30-day period for public comment (beginning 2020-11-21). The purposes of the review is to allow the broadest possible community to see the proposed vocabulary in action and to assess whether it is sufficiently complete and clearly documented that it can provide a stable addition to the standards for sharing biodiversity data.

To view the proposal and/or engage in the review, visit, which will provide further guidance and the means to comment. If you are unable or prefer not to submit comments via GitHub, you can send comments to the Chronometric Age Task Group convenor at In the absence of objections or substantive amendment requests, the review will close on 2020-12-21.

Please join us to make sure that this vocabulary enhancement serves the core needs of sharing biodiversity data whose relevance depends on the determination and dissemination of chronometric ages.