TDWG members of the Executive Committee participated in the BiCIKL hackathon in Meise

BiCIKL hacked in teams at a week-long event to test interoperability between their infrastructures.

Image by BiCIKL project


Between 20th and 24th September 2021, representatives of the 14 institutions partnering in the BiCIKL project teamed up in a hybrid hackathon, held simultaneously at the Meise Botanic Garden (Belgium) and on Zoom.

Nine research projects have been proposed:

  • Project 1: Finding the losts parents
  • Project 2: How good are triple IDs in ENA?
  • Project 3: Enhancing the GBIF clustering algorithms
  • Project 4: Assigning Latin scientific names to operational taxonomic units based on sequence clusters
  • Project 5: Registering biodiversity-related vocabulary as Wikidata lexemes and link their meaning to Wikidata items
  • Project 6: FAIR Digital Object design from multiple sources
  • Project 7: Enriching Wikidata with information from OpenBiodiv about type specimens in context from different literature sources
  • Project 8: Linking specimen with material citation and vice versa
  • Project 9: Hidden women in science

Members of TDWG Executive Committee took part into projects 3, 6 and 9 and in the general discussions on day 1 and 5.

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