Public review of Darwin Core maintenance proposals

• Darwin Core Maintenance Group

Public review of Darwin Core maintenance proposals open

We are now almost 20 days into the minimum 30-day review period for the 40 changes to Darwin Core proposed on 2021-05-01 (see If the public review of maintenance proposals is new to you, please refer to the Darwin Core maintenance Frequently Asked Questions.

Of the 40 proposals, one (biome - #38) will certainly be deferred to a Task Group for further development. There is currently consensus on 34 of the proposals, and each of these will be recommended for ratification if no indication of dissent arises through the rest of the review period. The status of two proposals (identificationQualifier - #244, and the nameUsageIDs - #105) is unclear until verification that consensus has been reached. The remaining four proposals (recordedByID - #102, occurrenceStatus - #339 and its controlled vocabulary - #342 are controversial. If no evidence of consensus can be reached by the 30-day minimum review period, the controversial proposals will be deferred for later consideration. If it appears that consensus can be reached on any of the controversial proposals, the review period will be extended for an additional 30 days from the time apparent consensus is established (everyone participating in the discussion expresses their satisfaction with the proposed solution). During any extension, all proposals will remain open for commentary. The current status of proposals to date is shown in the table below.

Thank you on behalf of the Darwin Core Maintenance Group.

Summary of proposed changes and current status (2021-05-21)

Term Issue Action Nature Status
bibliographicCitation change non-normative consensus
references change non-normative consensus
recordedByID new normative controversial
individualCount change non-normative consensus
organismQuantity change non-normative consensus
lifeStage change non-normative consensus
occurrenceStatus new vocabulary normative controversial
occurrenceStatus change normative controversial
preparations change non-normative consensus
disposition change non-normative consensus
associatedMedia change non-normative consensus
associatedReferences change non-normative consensus
associatedSequences change normative consensus
associatedTaxa change non-normative consensus
associatedOccurrences change non-normative consensus
associatedOrganisms change non-normative consensus
verbatimLabel new normative controversial
samplingProtocol change normative consensus
biome new normative Task Group
country change non-normative consensus
locality change non-normative consensus
verbatimLocality change non-normative consensus
verticalDatum new normative consensus
coordinateUncertaintyInMeters change non-normative consensus
footprintSRS change normative consensus
georeferenceVerificationStatus change normative consensus
identificationQualifier change non-normative unclear
verbatimIdentification new normative consensus
identifiedByID new normative consensus
acceptedNameUsageID change non-normative unclear
parentNameUsageID change non-normative unclear
originalNameUsageID change non-normative unclear
subfamily new normative consensus
genericName new normative consensus
subgenus change normative consensus
infragenericEpithet new normative consensus
infraspecificEpithet change non-normative consensus
cultivarEpithet new normative consensus
relationshipOfResourceID new normative consensus
retationshipOfResource change non-normative consensus
measurementValue new normative consensus
MaterialCitation new normative consensus