Audubon Core term change proposals

Open comment period for three term-change proposals begins 15 January.

Image by Kawin Harasai

The Audubon Core Maintenance Group is opening a public comment period for three term-change proposals starting on 15 January 2022. The comment period will continue until 15 February, or until consensus is reached on the proposal and there are no dissenting comments for 30 days. To view and comment on the proposals, visit and comment on the respective issues.

IMPORTANT NOTE: one of the proposals ( has technical implications that could set a precedent beyond Audubon Core (proposes using the W3C standard, “Semantic Annotation of Web Services Description Language and XML Schema,” to document relationships between terms in different schemas). Another ( has potential implications for stability of existing implementations that use ac:subjectPart and ac:subjectOrientation. If these implications affect you, we strongly urge you to share your thoughts prior to the close of comment period.