Interest and Task Group working sessions

Working sessions for TDWG Interest and Task Groups will meet 7-10 November.

Help shape the standards that enable biodiversity information to be assembled into knowledge. Work with your colleagues in TDWG Interest and Task gGoups to create and maintain standards that reflect your work practices and research interests.

Every year as part of our annual conference, TDWG Interest and Task Groups hold working sessions that serve as introductions, updates, and opportunities to coordinate across groups. TDWG’s Interest and Task Groups meet throughout the year, and with so much going on it’s hard to stay aware of each group’s progress. These sessions help us stay aware of the wider biodiversity standards landscape. They also serve as “on-ramps” for people who are just starting to get involved. This year sessions will be at various times from Monday, 7 November through Thursday, 10 November. Sessions will also be recorded for later viewing.

For the schedule and details on how to register: Working session details and logistics