TDWG vision and mission statements open for review

• Mareike Petersen, TDWG Outreach and Communication Subcommittee

New TDWG vision and mission statements open for review

On behalf of Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG), the Outreach and Communication Subcommittee has drafted two new statements to represent the vision and mission of TDWG. The proposals are now available for public comment via a form linked below. Both statements should convey the main goal of our organization and the purpose of TDWG. We would like to ask TDWG members and associates whether these sentences accord with their own work related to TDWG, and whether the statements cover TDWG’s scope from their personal point of view. Please see our home page to compare existing statements of TDWG’s purpose and goals, and our “About” page to learn more about what TDWG does and how it works.

For this process, the TDWG Outreach and Communication Subcommittee reviewed various vision and mission statements of other organizations and took relevant sections of written texts about TDWG (e.g., from the website) into account.

The statements have been reviewed by the TDWG Executive Committee and are now open for your comments. Both statements are relevant for us as an organization, but even more to engage with the broader community and external partners.

TDWG vision statement

Open, free, and interconnected natural science knowledge available for a sustainable world

A vision is an aspirational statement of an organization, which articulates what they would like to achieve and guides the direction of the organization’s efforts.

TDWG mission statement

Create, maintain and promote the use of community-driven and open natural science data standards to enable research and evidence-based decision making.

A mission is a definition of the organization’s business state and objectives in the present. It conveys how the organization chooses to pursue its vision.


We are looking forward to your feedback in this survey until 15 March 2022!

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