Audiovisual Core Controlled Vocabularies for Views

Two controlled vocabularies for “Views” have been approved and enhance the Audiovisual Core.

Image by Kawin Harasai

After a five-year effort by the Views Controlled Vocabularies Task Group, two new vocabularies were recently ratified as additions to Audiovisual Core. They provide standardized values for the terms subjectPart and subjectOrientation that are used to describe the content of images. The vocabularies can be accessed via the “Terms” dropdown menu on any Audiovisual Core standards page.

One exciting aspect of the new vocabularies is that their labels and definitions are available in Spanish, Portuguese, and German in addition to English, making it possible to construct pick lists of values in a user’s local language. To access the translations and for more information on how to use the terms, see the links in the Introduction on the List of Terms pages.

Example image and tags
Photo credit: Jennifer Girón Duque