Public review of Humboldt Extension to Darwin Core

The public review and comment period for terms comprising the Humboldt Extension is now open for a minimum of 30 days.

Image by Fernando Venzano

The members of the Darwin Core Maintenance Group are happy to announce the opening of a minimum 30-day period for public review of a set of proposed new terms that comprise the Humboldt Extension for ecological inventories. These terms are the result of research and discussions in the Humboldt Extension Task Group, ably led by convener Yanina Sica over the past three years.

Please refer to the documentation we have provided on the review process and the maintenance of the Darwin Core standard.

The relevant issues for commentary on terms are listed in the following milestone: The best entry point into the Humboldt Extension Vocabulary Enhancement and accompanying documentation, some of which forms part of the standard, is its landing page. Any comments not related to the individual terms can be added by creating a new issue.

Your comments are welcome and important for the evolution of the Darwin Core standard and its extensions.

Thank you,

The Humboldt Extension Task Group
The Darwin Core Maintenance Team