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Photographic display of children of Peter and Clarinda Snyder

Peter Snyder (1820-1900), Clarinda Edgecomb (1822-1866), and Ellen Baker Kollar (1837-1906)

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Clarinda Edgecomb was born 11 Dec 18221 in northeastern Ohio. When she was about 10 years old, her family moved to the wilderness of Bath Township in Allen County, Ohio. In the ensuing years, members of a number of other Trumbull County families also moved west to Allen County. One such person was Peter Snyder, born 13 Aug 1820.35 In 1839, at the age of 19, Peter followed his brother, Lorenzo, to Bath Township2. Upon his arrival, he began working as a farm laborer. It is thought that an elder Peter Snyder who married Betsey (Lewis) Snyder was an uncle or cousin and the younger Peter may have worked for him (see the speculation here).  During this time Peter became acquainted with the 16-17 year-old Clarinda (whose family lived near the elder Peter's farm) and she became pregnant.2a  On 9 April 1840, Peter and Clarinda were married.3

Peter Snyder b. 1820
Peter Snyder
Image copied from an original in possession of Lela Shinaberry Jacobs c. 1977.  Scanned from a negative in possession of Steve Baskauf

Peter and Clarinda rented a 160 acre farm and in subsequent years became the parents of many children. Their names were as follows:4

Josiah, 18 Sep 18405 - Dec 1862, m. Clarissa Reed

Marilla Snyder Mason b. 1842 face

Marilla (Reed) (Mason), b. 28 Mar 1842. Marilla Snyder married a man named Reed. This was probably when they lived in Shawnee, because there were several Reed families in the area there.  She had two sons from this marriage: William and Arthur.  Rilla's second marriage was to Sumner F. Mason , and they lived on a farm in Bath Township on Stewart Road three quarters of a mile south of Bluelick Road. Sumner F. Mason tombstone inscription, Bluelick Cemetery, Bath Twp., Allen Co., OH

William H., 10 Jun 1844 - Jun 1862.

George Snyder b. 1846 face

George, 15 Oct 18466 - 12 Sep 1901, M. Barbara A. Roeder.

Amy L. Snyder Mason b. 1848 face

Amy Louisa (Mason),7 13 Sep 18488 - 28 Feb 1912, m. Marquis D. Mason

Henrietta "Hettie" (Shinaberry),9 17 Mar 185010 - 192311 , m. Charles Alden Shinaberry.

Walter,12 14 Oct 1852 - 15 Feb 1927, m. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Roeder .

Jasper Snyder b. 1854 face

Jasper, 29 Mar 1854 - 17 Nov 1926, m. Alice Lackey. For stories about Jasper and his family, see the 1956 account by Calvin Snyder

Newton,13 9 Jun 185714 - 31 Mar 192315, m. Emma Custer.

Clay Snyder b. 1860 face

Cassius Clay,16 3 Jun 186017 in Allen Co., OH - Jul 1932, m. Christina Weber

Ann Prottsman b. 1862 face

Anna (Prottsman), b. 26 Nov 1862 - 194318 , m. John Prottsman.

In 1849, Peter and Clarinda bought a 47 acre farm in Bath Township on what is now the Old Dixie Highway just northeast of Bluelick Road. This was just west of where Clarinda's father was living with her brother Marquis and sister Anna.19 They later added 100 acres to this and lived there until about 1856, when they sold the farm and moved to Shawnee Township.20

Amy Mason Everett (left) and Margaret Mason (wife of Donald, right) 21 Aug 1950. "Little stream here where my grandmother got rattle snake bit, same barn. Breese Farm, Shawnee Twp." (written on back by Amy Everett)

Written on margin in same handwriting: "at milk house as it was when she lived here". On the back was written "Old milk house at Mom's home farm"

Their farm in Shawnee was located along the Ottawa River just north of Adgate Rd. on what is now called Fort Amanda Rd.  One day while walking along a small stream on the farm, Clarinda was bitten on the ankle by a rattlesnake. Her family quickly put her foot into a bucket of fresh milk, which supposedly drew the poison out of the wound and curdled the milk. They put her foot in another bucket of milk until it curdled. They repeated this again and again until the milk no longer curdled and they know that all of the poison had been drawn out. She thus survived the bite of the snake.21  In another version of the story, Clarinda was bitten on the toe by a rattlesnake and died of the bite.21a

By the time of the 1860 census, there were ten children, aged one month to nineteen years, all under one roof. But this was not to last. In 1861, the Civil War broke out and in October of that year, seventeen year old William enlisted as a private in the 81st Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Less than a year later, in June of 1862, he was dead.22 On July 6 the oldest son, Josiah was married to his next door neighbor, Clarissa Reed, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Akers) Reed of Fairfield Co. (This may be the same Reed family of Marilla's first husband.) But only a month later, he enlisted as a private in the 99th O.V.I. and left home. By December, he died in Nashville, Tennessee, leaving behind his widow, pregnant with their first child, Pet Snyder, who was born the next year.23 Both of the Snyder boys were buried in the old cemetery at the corner of Zurmehly and Shawnee Roads.  Image of William's tombstone.   Image of Josiah's tombstone. 24

In 1862, the family sold out and moved back to Bath Township. There they bought the farm on Sugar Creek Road one half mile west of Slabtown Road. A distinctive feature of this farm was the large brick house that would eventually be occupied by four generations of Snyder descendants.

Anna Snyder (Prottsman) c. 1863

On 19 December 1866, Clarinda died at the age of 44. She had spent 23 out of her 26 years of marriage either pregnant, or caring for infants in diapers. She was buried in Shawnee next to her two sons.  

Ellen (Baker) (Kollor) Snyder

Peter remarried to Ellen (Baker) Kollor, widow of George W. Kollor and seventeen years his junior. Mrs. Kollor was born on 10 July 1837, the daughter of John and Arzilla (Minnis) Baker.  By 1870, their household contained the six youngest children of Peter's first marriage, Talitha, Joseph, and George W. Kollar, Jr., children from Ellen's first marriage, and Alta, Peter and Ellen's child.  Also living with the family was Peter's oldest daughter Marilla Reed, whose husband had died, and her two sons, William and Arthur Reed.

daughters of Peter and Ellen Snyder
back row, l-r: Della Snyder, Ida Snyder; front row: Addie Snyder, Talitha Kollor, Laura Snyder, Alta Snyder

sons of Peter and Ellen Snyder
left: Edward F., right: James Snyder

Peter and Ellen were the parents of seven more children:25 26

Alta Snyder Roberts Renolett b. 1870 face

Alta (Roberts)(Renolett) 1 Aug 186927 - 16 Dec 1955. Alta married Albert Roberts of Bath Township, but they were divorced. She met Charles Daniel Renollet, a telegrapher in Cecil, Ohio, and they were later married. They lived in Paulding County, Ohio where he worked as a building contractor. Alta and Charles had one child, Raymond Charles Renollet. In 1920 when they moved to Defiance, Ohio where Charles died on 1949 January 15. In 1951 Alta was the first person to be admitted into the River Rest Convalescent Home. She died there in 1955.

Ida M. Snyder Getz b. 1872 face

Ida May (Getz) 16 Feb 187128 - 27 May 1894. Ida married James Getz of Bath Township. They had one child, Lillie M Getz on 1893 July 1. About nine months later, Ida died.  Lillie lived with her grandparents, Peter and Ellen. 

Della Snyder Kiser Cox b. 1873 face

Della (Kiser)(Cox) 8 May 187229 - 24 Mar 1954. Della married Dr. Kiser of Bluffton, Ohio. They had no children. When she was in her 50's, her first husband died. In the 1930's she married Lorenzo Cox.

Edward F. Snyder b. 1874 face

Edward F. 16 Sep 187330 - 20 Aug 1899. Edward lived in Beaverdam. He died of tuberculosis and had no children.

James Snyder b. 1876 face

James 26 Oct 187531 - 4 Mar 1933. Jim Snyder had some kind of disability in one leg that caused him to put his hand on one knee when he walked.31a He married Eva 1870-1951. He also had no children.

Laura Snyder Lenney b. 1878 face

Laura (Lenney) b. 7 Apr 187832. Laura married John Lenny. They had only one child, John Lenny, Jr.

Addie Snyder Grant b. 1882 face

Adda (Grant) 1 Jun 188133 - 23 Jan 1936. Addie married Oren Grant. They had three children, one of whom was Evelyn E. Grant Drew. At the time that she died in 1936, they lived in Kiefer, Oklahoma which was an oil town.

Many of these children were members of the Church of Christ.

In 1875, Peter bought a farm in Bath Township on Findlay Road (now the Old Dixie Highway) just southwest of Thayer Rd. Peter and Ellen lived there for the rest of their days. About this time, George, his oldest living son was married and lived on Peter's old farm on Sugar Creek Road. George later bought the farm from his father.

During his later years, Peter, a Republican, served as Township Trustee for several terms.34

In his last years, Peter's daughter Henrietta Shinnaberry and her family lived on his farm. Peter and Ellen lived in a little house just west of the Shinnaberrys. Lela (Shinnaberry) Jacobs remembered them butchering beef when she was a little girl. They would take a quarter of beef and hang it up over the stove to dry it. When Lela would go down to visit them, her "Aunt Ellen" (as she called her) would cut a piece off and give it to her. Lela thought that was pretty good! Her only memories of her Grandpa Snyder were that he had a moustache and was not a very large man.

Peter died on 1 Oct 1900 at the age of 8035 and was buried in the old Beaverdam Cemetery.  Lela remembered riding in her mother's lap in a horse and buggy on the way to his funeral. At her young age she couldn't understand why her mother felt so bad and was crying.36 The process of settling Peter Snyder's estate among his eighteen children was immense and took years. Peter's executor was his son George, but George died before settling the estate, so the task fell to Dave Byerly, who was George's executor (George also had a large family).37 One result of this is that tombstones for Peter, George, and Peter's first wife Clarinda were purchased at the same time. So although they are found in three different cemeteries, they all have the same style. Ellen Snyder lived for about five years after Peter died. She was ill for some time and had an operation to relieve her condition, but it failed and on 17 January 1906 January she died.38 View next of kin.

This account was modified from History of the Edgecomb, Bassitt, and Snyder Families of Allen County, Ohio by Steven J. Bassett Baskauf, 2007.  This portion of the book is freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License provided you give the citation listed above.  On the web, a link to this page would be helpful.
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Here is a version of the story as told by Michael Wildermuth: "Here is the rattlesnake story. I have heard both my mother [Margery Mason Wildermuth] and Shirley Clark tell it: [Clarinda] Edgecomb Snyder went down to the river (my assumption is the Ottawa River, which ran through their homestead in Shawnee Township, although I feel uncertain as to whether or not this location was actually mentioned) and, unfortunately, was bitten near the ankle by a rattlesnake (I assume an Eastern Massasauga, which are still native here). She called for help and, fortunately, was heard. When her rescuers discovered what happened, they called for buckets of fresh milk to be fetched from the barn or house and immediately plunged her foot into a bucket of milk. The milk curdled as it drew poison from her system. This was repeated until no effect was noticed in the milk. [Clarinda] survived."

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