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PowerPoint presentation about the Bassett-Edgecomb-Snyder families (shown at 2007 Reunion, 7 Mb, requires PowerPoint or free PowerPoint viewer)

Tour of Bassett-Edgecomb-Snyder historical places and cemeteries in the vicinity of Lima, Allen County, Ohio.



Bassett, Ann (?)
Bassett, Daniel (b. c.1789)
Bassett, William (c.1765-c.1848)
Bassett, William (1796-1867)
Bassitt, Elsa Lewis (1795-1876)
Bassitt, Lewis (1825-1902)
Bassitt, Samuel (1795-1865)
Bassitt, Sarah Edgecomb (1831-1891)
DeLong, Josiah (b. c.1806)
DeLong, Marilla Edgecomb (b. c.1813)
Doud, Alvah (1790-1839)
Doud, Jesse (1762-1839)
Doud, Lydia Shipman (c.1759-c.1839)
Edgecomb, Amy Read
Edgecomb, Elizabeth Doud (1792-1838)
Edgecomb, Elizabeth Olmstead (c. 1775-1801)
Edgecomb, Elsa Lewis (1818-1891)
Edgecomb, Ezra (b. 1748)
Edgecomb, Ezra (1812-1868)
Edgecomb, Lewis Alfred (1847-1864)
Edgecomb, Hannah E. Everett (1825-1910)
Edgecomb, "Lieut." John (d. c.1772)
Edgecomb, John (1740/1-Jan 1810)
Edgecomb, John (b. after 1760)
Edgecomb, Lansil (c. 1815)
Edgecomb, Laura Bassitt (1824-1904)
Edgecomb, Louisa Thayer Bemis (1821-1865)
Edgecomb, Mairah Brooks
Edgecomb, Malinda M. Russell
Edgecomb, Mariah Broooks (d.1836)
Edgecomb, Marquis K. (1826 - 1901)
Edgecomb, Phebe Brace?
Edgecomb, Phineas Spencer (1795-1881)
Edgecomb, Robert (1817-1898)
Edgecomb, Sarah Ann Wood (1817-1844)
Edgecomb, Tabitha J. Shafer (1826-1894)
Edgecomb, Uriah (1740-c.1810)
Edgecomb, Uriah (1781-1861)
Edgecomb, Walter (1819-1893)
Humphrey, Ammi Edgecomb (b. 1745/6)
Lewis, Abraham (b. c.1796)
Lewis, David (c.1790-91-c.1853)
Lewis, Fanny Doud (b. c.1800)
Lewis, John (c.1796-1873)
Lewis, Jonathan (c.1791-1871)
Lewis, Lydia
Lewis, Peleg, Jr. (1786-1858)
Lewis, Peleg, Sr.
Mills, Hulda Edgecomb (b. 1749)
Mowen, Chloe Doud Olmstead (1802-1872)
Olmstead, George (1797-1845)
Roberts, Lydia Edgecomb (c.1824 - c.1842)
Roberts, Warrem (1820 - 1853)
Sharpsteen, John
Snyder, Betsy Lewis (b. c.1794)
Snyder, Clarinda Edgecomb (1822-1866)
Snyder, Ellen Baker Kollar (1837-1906)
Snyder, Lorenzo D.
Snyder, Lydia Lewis Brown (c.1794-1873)
Snyder, Mary Sharpsteen
Snyder, Philip
Snyder, Peter (b. c.1793)
Snyder, Peter (1820-1900)
Ward, Lavisa Bassitt (1832-1862)
Ward, Thomas Robinson (1827-1907)
Wood, Harmon (1802-1877)
Wood, Mariah Bassett (1806-1862)



Bible of Elias Everett
Bible of Marquis D. Mason
Bible of Peter Snyder
Map of Bath Township, Allen County, Ohio from R. H. Harrison (1880). Atlas of Allen County, Ohio from Records and Original Surveys. Philadelphia: R.H. Harrison
Mailing from 70th (1977) Bassett-Edgecomb-Snyder Reunion page 2


Bassett-Edgecomb-Snyder Reunion photo, 1930

Bassett-Edgecomb-Snyder Reunion photo, 1977

Bassett-Edgecomb-Snyder Reunion photo, 2007

Civil War letters of Samuel H. Bassitt (1848-1925)

DeLong & Edgecombs in Indiana & Ohio, by Ana Montero-Smith, posted on

Information about the Edgecomb, Bassitt, and Snyder book

Remembrances of Calvin Snyder (b. 1874), son of Jasper Snyder (1854-1926) and grandson of Peter Snyder (1820-1900)

Stories told by Amy Mason Everett (1890-1968) as told to her children Wilbur M. Everett and Shirley Everett Clark